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Q:  How do your group runs work?

A:  We meet weekly at our pre-determined meeting location, pair up guides and runners, and then the guide and runner pairs run at their own pace for as long as they would like or are comfortable with. We all convene back at the meeting location for tea or coffee and a chat.

Q:  How long is the group run?

A:  Normally, runners and guides run for no more than an hour, but the distance and speed is up to the individual runner.

Q:  How does guiding work?

A:  Guiding is not as hard as you might think. Here is a tutorial from United in Stride. Check it out!

Q:  How do I join?

A:  It’s easy! Simply complete an Achilles Ottawa Membership Form .  If you are a guide, please also complete an Achilles Ottawa Guide Information Form.  See the Join Us tab for more information.

Q:  Do you need more guides?

A:  We are always looking for new guides and would love to have you join us!